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•Bodily Injury (BI): Must have at the time of an accident. It covers OTHERS injuries not in your household.

•Property Damage (PD): Required by the state of Florida if you have a license plate in your name.

•Personal Injury Protection (PIP):Required by the State of Florida if you have a license plate out in your name. It covers your household for $10,000 medical coverage at the time of the accident for YOUR injuries with or without a deductible. The laws have changed in Florida you may want to review them (link DMV PIP NEW LAW CHANGE)

•Uninsured Motorist (UM): Extra medical coverage at the time of an accident whether they have enough to cover your injuries or nothing at all. Pays only after PIP is all used up and the other drivers BI is all used up.

•Medical Payments (Med Pay): This coverage pays after PIP is used up and before you can use the other person’s BI coverage.

•Comprehensive (Comp): Covers ONLY your car in the event of an accident for fire, theft & vandalism. Can be used whether it’s your fault or not.

•Collision: Covers ONLY your car in the event of an accident which impacts your vehicle whether it’s your fault or not.


Other: Roadside assistance, Rental reimbursement, Loan/Lease payoff, Replacement Cost, Non-Factory installed equipment.

•PIP & Property Damage is the only mandatory coverage’s in the state of Florida as of today. However, at the time of an accident, you are required to carry Bodily Injury protection. All the coverage’s listed above are available in a variety of limits. AA Riteway Insurance takes the time to know what you need and give different options to choose from.


What AA Riteway Insurance can do for you:

Our Agency takes the time to make sure that you have the right insurance coverage for the right price. Even though car insurance is mandatory in the state of Florida that does not mean all coverage’s are the same. Many things determine how much you pay for car insurance. Such things as year make and model of car, truck or motorcycle.


This insurance agency has saved our customers plenty of money on premiums. We took the time to look over their coverage to make sure it was the right protection for the best price. Also we look for any credits they might have and search each company for any savings. With more than one or two carriers to choose from we can shop insurance rates to multiple companies. Call our office so we can review your coverage and save you money.


Are You Moving To Florida


If you are moving to Florida, call us today so we can inform you of what you will need to do to make sure you are covered on the road or in your home. We will also inform you of what steps you need to take to register your car and receive Florida driver’s licenses. You may also want to visit Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles


Florida Car Insurance 561-338-6222


AA Riteway Insurance provides a vast network of auto insurance protection. We provide a free and fast Quote for car insurance coverage. We have over 35 insurance companies to shop your rate including Progressive Auto Insurance, Nationwide Auto Insurance, Travelers Insurance, Mercury Insurance and many more to choose from.


What is Auto Insurance?


Auto Insurance covers you in a loss resulting from owning and operating a motor vehicle in Florida. Car Insurance has multiple coverage and deductible options. We want to make sure you’re covered for whatever might happen. AA Riteway Insurance takes the time to review each coverage to make sure you have the best coverage with the best insurance company. We have over 35 companies to make sure you save money.



Do you know what PIP, PD, UM, Med Pay, Comp or Collision means?


Below are some common direct auto insurance coverage definitions that answer these questions and more. Please take the time to review them and if you have any questions please give us a call today 561-338-6222

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