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Enjoy your free time, with the knowledge that your recreational vehicles are entirely protected. We offer complete coverage for motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, campers, boats, and other watercraft.


Sit down with us and we'll determine exactly which coverage is best for you and your vehicle. Take advantage of our expertise today.


Get the specialized coverage you need for your recreational vehicle and experience the peace of mind that comes with our insurance plans.

At Riteway, we tailor your boat insurance to fit your individual needs. We take into consideration what kind of boat you own and what activities you enjoy with it. For example, if you own a fishing boat, we offer optional fishing equipment coverage. Or, if you enjoy water-skiing, we provide watercraft liability. So, whether you own an antique boat, power boat, ski boat, fishing boat, pontoon, or pleasure boat, we have the right boat insurance for you. And, of course, we offer it at a competitive rate. Get started with a free custom boat insurance quote now!

The best way to look at it is this: It only takes one incident to demonstrate your need for boat insurance. It may feel like you don’t need coverage if you only use your boat a few times a year, but in reality, each time you are on the water you are at risk of an accident. Since you can never tell when you may need insurance, it’s important to protect your boat – no matter how much or little you use it.

Plus, even if you aren’t worried about covering your boat, you should (at the very least) have a liability-only policy. This type of policy will protect your assets in the event that you are held liable for bodily injury or damage to someone else or their property in an accident.

I don’t use my boat often. Do I really need boat insurance?

How much coverage do I need?

There isn’t a good way to answer this question. Each boat, person, location, and situation is different, so we can’t really give you a “ballpark” figure for how much coverage you need. You need to evaluate your comfortable level of risk when protecting your boat, assets, and passengers. Your best option is to call one of our boat insurance specialists at 561-338-6222. We can walk you through the process of selecting a policy that is right for you.


Motorcycle insurance quotes as unique as your motorcycle.

Your motorcycle reflects who you are as an individual. That’s where we come in. Our motorcycle insurance lets you protect your bike and its accessories with a customized policy.

When getting a motorcycle insurance quote, you can choose from a variety of motorcycle insurance coverages, including bodily injury liability, collision, comprehensive, medical payments, and passenger liability. Construct the motorcycle insurance package that’s right for you with motorcycle insurance options, such as the right level of accessory coverage, agreed value settlement option, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, and roadside assistance. Your motorcycle insurance quote will reflect

your selections.